Hot off the heels of Marissa Mayer's big news, the freshly annointed Yahoo CEO made another glass ceiling-shattering announcement yesterday evening: she's roughly seven-months pregnant. As the former Google VP revealed to Fortune, just three hours after Yahoo dropped the news yesterday, it's a boy!

Mayer found out about the bun in her over back in January, but kept the news between herself and her husband until talks with Yahoo heated up last month. Somehow, no one noticed she was five months pregnant when she stepped out to a launch event for in early May. Ironically enough, though, the event was a benefit for Every Mother Counts — a "maternal health and advocacy organization" that addresses deaths that occur due to pregnancy complications.

Her husband Zachary Bogue, for those who don't follow the society pages, is a lawyer-turned-investment banker. In addition to his Data Collective investment fund, Bogue is currently a managing partner of the Founder's Den, a co-working space in SoMa where Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is known to spend his workdays away from Sacramento. (Which is most of them.)

When Mayer finally revealed her seventh-month belly to Yahoo's full board last week, none of the execs flinched. She says that in hiring the first pregnant CEO of a Fortune 500 company, they "really showed their evolved thinking."

As for what the expectant Mayer hopes to do with the struggling cast-off stepchild of an internet portal, she told Fortune she's intrigued by the opportunity to make Yahoo's products "much more innovative and delightful." If nothing else, San Francisco's new #1 power mom finally gave the tech blogs a positive reason to talk about a Yahoo Chief Executive.

Congratulations are in order for the Bogue-Mayers, whose baby shower will no doubt be loaded with cupcakes and "Born to Yodel!" onesies.

And as for those stupid enough to question the abilities of a pregnant woman in a position of power? You should probably get off the computer since it's medication time at Shady Pines.

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