Because we aren't the only people silly enough to boycott other regions, an official in the land of baguettes poking through wicker bike baskets has urged his country to boycott California wines in response to our foie gras ban. Rude.

"I call on all the restaurants in France that sell Californian wine to stop doing so in a show of solidarity for our foie gras makers and, more broadly, for all food makers," proclaimed Philippe Martin, president of the general council in the Gers department, adding, "Hee hee hee, haw haw haw."

Le Gers, located in Gascony, is a region primarily known for foie gras. The Chron points out, "France produces more than 16,000 tons of foie gras annually, or two-thirds of the product sold globally, according to Mirepoix USA, a Reno, Nevada-based online foie gras retailer. The French consume 75 percent of the world production." And though the Golden State "may represent only 3 or 4% of overall sales of foie gras for France," according to Decanter, the move would be a symbolic one for the a country known for its gastronomic prowess.

However, as Inside Scoop points out, "banning California wines is also more of a symbolic gesture, since French wine merchants only sell 'tiny amounts' of California wines to begin with."