Here Google's Cheryl Pon's hands show off apps on the new Google Nexus 7 tablet, which was introduced last week at the Google I/O conference at Moscone Center. (Side note: If you thought Macworld or WWDC brought out the geeks, you should have seen the daily barrage of characters scrabbling around SoMa last week. Oh, brother. The ill-fitted jeans, the high-rise jeans, the t-shirts tucked into jeans. It was like LinuxWorld time minus the pretension and false sense of coolness. Please come back again soon, Googlephiles. You guys are kinda fucking weird.)

The Nexus 7 costs $199 and measures a satisfying 7-inches, and Google will start taking pre-orders for delivery in mid-July. Is it good? Well, it's fast, we told. Also, the battery life (something that pains us each and every day with the new iPad) is reportedly strong 'with a very decent nine hours of video bplayback or up to 300 hours of standby if you promise to be really lean with your tablet," notes TechRadar.

The Nexus 7, it seems, wants to take aim at other similar devices. AP reports, "the Nexus 7 seems to have been designed to give anyone who bought a Kindle Fire from Inc. or a Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble Inc. a lethal case of buyer's remorse."

Pre-order yours if the mood should strike.

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