San Francisco Police Department released a Community Crime Prevention Advisory informing the public that upon investigating Sunday night's unreported sexual assault at 19th and Capp, the department discovered that some of the details resemble a previous attempted sexual assault that occurred on June 15th just five blocks away, on Erie Alley near 13th.

According to SF Appeal
: "In a statement sent to media Friday afternoon, SFPD says that after inspectors from the Special Victims Unit interviewed the reporter of the Mission Local article, they have identified the alleged victim."

In both cases, the women were grabbed from behind by two men — one short, possibly 5’-04” and the other taller, about 5’-10”, described as being a Hispanic and an African American, or two Hispanic males.

Mission Police Station has increased patrol in the area, and additional personnel have been hired to aid in the investigation.

Anyone with information about either incident should contact SFPD's Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 575-4444 or Text a Tip via your mobile phone to TIP411 and type SFPD followed by your message. To report a life threatening emergency or crime in progress, call 911 (or if using a cell phone near the highway, call the SFPD dispatcher at (415) 553-8090).

SFPD has also released some very helpful personal safety tips (via SF Appeal):

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Walk and act with confidence.
  • Follow your gut instinct. If a situation feels uneasy, take a different route.
  • "Own" the street and know where you are going.- Walk with your head up and scan the area as you go.
  • Make good eye contact with people around you.
  • Walk on well-lit /busy streets and avoid taking shortcuts on quiet alleys or parking lots.
  • Take note of potential safe places enroute.
  • Keep a polite distance from strangers.
  • Travel with company whenever possible particularly during dark or quiet hours.
  • At a minimum, let another person know your itinerary and your expected time of return.
  • Alcohol and drug may impede your judgment and make you look more like an easy target. Be aware of how much alcohol you have consumed. If you believe someone or yourself seems over their limit seek help.
  • Have your car or house keys ready so you do not linger unaware at your car or the door of your residence;
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel threatened, take immediate action by yelling or running.
  • Yell fire or knife, not help. Carry a Whistle and use it to get the attention of others if you feel threatened.
  • Have your cell phone easily accessible in case you need to call 9-1-1. Keep your cell phone fully charged at all times.

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