[UPDATE - It's back! Wait, it's down again!] KEEP CALM, everybody. There's a big hole missing in the Internet as Twitter is reportedly experiencing some unscheduled downtime Thursday morning. As many of your Twitter-happy Facebook friends have probably mentioned in their status updates by now, the microblogging service is currently unavailable and not even beloved/loathed Fail Whale has been able to make an appearance on Twitter.com.

Meanwhile, Twitter's official blog (hosted on Tumblr, of course) mentions this morning: "Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue."

Anyhow, what will you be doing with all the free time you have now that you are no longer compelled to constantly refresh your Twitter feed? Refreshing Twitter.com waiting for it to come back on, probably.

UPDATE II: It's down again. Who has upset the Twitter gods?! Atone, whoever you are! That said, word is you can Tweet via mobile.

UPDATE III: It's back again! Don't leave us, Twitter.