[UPDATE 4:40pm: According to Sgt. Michael Anderaychak, "The police department has not received a report of a sexual assault of the morning in june 18th on 19th and Capp. However, we strongly encourage any victim of any incident to come forward."]

Update II: SF Appeal has more up-to-date details on the alleged incident.

Update III: SFPD has identified the alleged victim and is investigating the similarity between this incident and a previous attempted sexual assault that occurred five blocks away on June 15th.

Mission Mission reported on an alleged incident of a brutal rape that occurred at 19th and Capp shortly before 2 a.m. on Monday morning. A source had emailed them on Wednesday night detailing the attack:

She was walking to her home two blocks away from Bender’s. She was dragged into a driveway by two unknown assailants after leaving Bender’s. They took all her cash and both of them raped her, so severely that she now has eight stitches in her cervix. The entire lower half of her body is black and blue.

The rape was reported at SFGH as well as in a police report, and also to SF WAR. If necessary, my friend is willing to provide hospital records with her name blacked out as evidence.

We are all so shaken by this event and feel powerless to do anything. We decided, with the approval of the victim, to maybe try to get this information out via the community blogs, so people can take the necessary precautions when walking home.

The story was also posted on Reddit.

The victim, who claims to still in a great deal of pain, contacted Mission Local last night to talk more about the story. The victim says she punched and scratched one of the assailants, likely causing visible bruises and scratches. She described her assailants as: “Two Hispanic men, one was a tall guy, one was short.”

She also noted that the spot where she was dragged was very dark, and a Mission Local reader said the streetlight at that intersection always breaks shortly after getting fixed, which might be attributed to an increase in prostitution on the block.

SFPD has not yet confirmed with SFist that they have record of the incident. We'll update when we know more. Those with information about the case should call SFPD's non-emergency number at (415) 553-0123.

Update: SF Appeal also penned an extensive piece about the alleged rape, confirming as well that SFPD claims they received no report.