The newly rainbow-anointed Pier 29 suffered over $2.4 million worth of damages in yesterday's 4-alarm fire on the waterfront. The bad news is that the historic facade (the only part of the warehouse-like building anyone cares about, apparently) is toast, having crumbled to bits as fire crews battled the flames. The good news is: the folks from the port have said they will make an effort to rebuild the (debatably) artful entryway when they begin construction on their new food court and Louis Vuitton handbag museum.

As for the accusations of foul play against A-Cup mastermind Larry Ellison and his crew: a spokesman for the police department told the Chronicle that the blaze, "doesn't appear to be suspicious at this time," but that it was too soon to tell what caused it to break out yesterday afternoon. Likewise, the fire department was reluctant to say what caused the fire, but did mention that welders were working on renovations inside the building yesterday afternoon. According to fire chief Joanne Hayes-White and the building will ">most likely be demolished.

As a spokeswoman from the Port of San Francisco pointed out, the pier is "pretty much an empty shed" after all their tenants were shipped out last year to make way for the cruise terminal across the concrete lot at pier 27.

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