We would tire of seeing the Chrome label all around town if they started making bags that weren't so handsome yet tough-looking. But they don't, so we won't. And on that note, please check out their new bag, The Lieutenant. Perfect for those coming to SF for Pride (and want to take home a slice of SF with them) or your causal cyclist zipping about, this new sack is a waterproof messenger bag that boasts Chrome’s iconic buckle and more.

It's also got pockets with stainless steel hardware "for quick secure access to u-lock and work tools" as well as "daisy chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer clips or bike lights." But that doesn't mean this bag wouldn't look just as dandy in the back of your 2013 Lexus. Because it would. Shhh.

That said, we implore you to check it out at Chrome's SoMa store. In fact, please have your guests from out of town visit the place in lieu of buying bags or accessories at, say, HNM or Urban Outfitters. It's local. Why not? Anyway, said bag runs around $170. Check it out. You can also get a bunch of other stuff (e.g., shoes, iPad and laptop bags, socks, hats, etc.) too.

Chrome: 580 - 4th Street (at Brannan), S.F., 415-820-507