A high school party at Ocean Beach went all wrong last Saturday night when a drunken teen who "kept talking crap" was stabbed half a dozen times by three suspects, apparently also attendees of the summer soiree. The party, thrown by students from several local high schools, broke up around 11:45 p.m. Saturday night after cops responded to a 911 call from one of the victim's friends.

According to the witness, who spoke to the Examiner anonymously, the three suspects were fighting with the highly intoxicated teen while she pleaded with them to stop. The witness and five other friends carried the victim off the beach to the street, where they attempted to disinfect the poor kid's stab wounds with what we can only assume was a cheap handle of vodka.

SFPD busted two teen suspects as they fled the scene. They were turned over to U.S. Park Police who booked them in to the County Jail for resisting arrest. They will likely face additional charges as cops investigate the stabbing. As of Tuesday evening, however, the victim's condition was unknown.