Brian Luc, who was arrested along with his brother Binh Luc on March 25 following the murders of five people at a home at 16 Howth Street, has been released from custody as of yesterday. He was sentenced to 400 hours of community service, and three years' probation after serving 60 days in county jail. He plead guilty last month to possession of cocaine with intent to sell, and it appears he will be cooperating with the investigation and trial of his brother, who is suspected of committing the quintuple murder in March.

Brian Luc, 32, was found in the Hayes Street apartment he shared with his brother with 28 grams of cocaine and two rounds of ammunition. Binh, 35, was arrested the same day at another location in San Mateo County.

Binh Luc is still awaiting a preliminary hearing in the murder case, and he's being held in lieu of $25 million bail. Police are still looking for the weapons used in the murder, one a blunt object and one a sharp-edged object.