The 36th annual Frameline Film Festival, San Francisco international LGBT film festival of note, opens tonight. But the big news is that one of the most important queer films we've seen a very, very long time, I Want Your Love, is screening here on Sunday. Travis Mathews' latest movie takes place here in the city, focusing on a "scruffy" gipster-like guy who decides to move back to Ohio in search of love and affordable housing. Before leaving, however, said transplant spends his last few days hanging out with friends and fucking old paramours. Oh, and there's unsimulated sex — which, surprisingly, is handled with both grace and excitement.

A magically funny performance by local musician Brontez also helps buoy the film. Who knew he was as funny as he is tough? Anyway, for a better description of I Want Your Love, Frameline says, "If you took the raw, unsimulated sex of Shortbus and the naked, unflinching honesty of Weekend, then tailored it to the Butt generation, you’d have something akin to the charmingly low-key yet in-your-face I Want Your Love." (Not RAW, but... just raw cinema-wise. You know what we're getting at, boys.)

You can (and should) catch it at the Castro Theatre on Sunday, June 17 at 9:30 p.m. Buy tickets here.

Otherwise, check out the rest of the festival. You can start by hitting up the Castro tonight to watch Vito, a moving documentary about filmmaker Vito Russo's connections to San Francisco and the Bay Area where he spent many of his later years, and/or attending the Opening Night Gala at Temple Nightclub, which will include cocktails, tasty grub, dancing, and loads of available homosexuals ripe for the plucking.

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