Remember that $30,000 Picasso lithograph we mentioned that was stolen at that big teen party at an abandoned mansion in Novato? Well, a high-schooler apparently got cold feet, and fearing getting caught, they just left the thing to be found leaning on a fence by the side of a road.

The print, one of 50 from 1957, is called "Femme au chignon," and its value according to a Sotheby's auction in 2008 is estimated between $30,000 and $40,000. Marin resident Greg Atamaniuk found it on a morning hike, propped up on a fence on Burning Tree Drive, near the Marin Country Club.

Obviously, at least one teenager panicked at the thought of having a convicted Ukrainian kingpin coming after them for his artwork.

The party, as we told you, was at a home belonging to imprisoned former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, who is suspected of having embezzled up to $200 million from the Ukrainian government before fleeing the country in the mid-90s. He's also wanted back in the Ukraine in connection to the murders of a couple of high-profile officials. He ended up in a federal prison here in the U.S., and the Marin Independent Journal now updates us on his whereabouts: He's actually set to be released this November from a minimum-security prison near Los Angeles.

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