Summer wedding season is here — which means City Hall is flooded with photo shoots, the Castro is inundated with bachelorette parties, and hordes of self-curators are posting their Internet-ready, nuptial videos to the YouTubes and Vimeos for all the world to see. Case in point: Greg & Mel's bespoke "artisanal San Francisco hipster bicycle wedding", which is exactly what you think it is going to be — a Beach House-soundtracked, bowtie-flecked, human-powered trip along the Embarcadero to exchange vows written on a typewriter. Observe:

We wish the happy couple nothing but the best, of course, and we recognize that everyone's special day deserves to be treated as a cinematic achievement (or at least a viral YouTube sensation), but our eyes kind of glossed over when everyone rode off in to the sunset for carefully crafted lattés:


[Full disclosure: we kind of love Beach House.]