What were you doing at 14? Or 16? Probably not helping organize the second annual It Gets Indie benefit concert at Great American Music Hall. That's just what Noah Hornik, 14, and his brother, Julian, 16, are doing in anticipation of this year's Gay Pride weekend bacchanalia. Seriously, they're that young and helping better the queer community. We certainly didn't do that at that age. Scarfing down boxes of Pizza Rolls while throwing temper tantrums over not getting the clear Swatch watch was more our style.

Anyway, SFist spoke with Noah recently about the show and why he and his brother decided to showcase talent for gay kids. "With the recent wave of suicides among LGBT teens, it felt wrong for me to just stand around and watch as other teenagers took their lives because of the way that they were born," he explained. "It occurred to me that I needed to do something, so I looked to my passion, indie rock, for inspiration. By combining a cause that I cared deeply about with the music that I love, I came up with the It Gets Indie benefit concert and it all fell into place from there."

The June 23rd show will featuring Princeton from Los Angeles, and Berkeley favorite Local Hero. Tickets are $25 and you should buy yours right this very second. The show will easily sell out before Gay Pride weekend, so get to it. You'll be helping out a great cause.

Buy tickets here.

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