At the risk of finding ourselves becoming Mark Zuckerberg's financial apologists, the tabloids are out to nail the bajillionaire Facebook CEO for being cheap (again). His offense this time? Stiffing the waitstaff at a cafe in Rome where he supped on fried artichokes and ravioli.

As with many European eateries, the tip was included on the 32-Euro tab at Nonna Betta — Zuckerberg's chosen lunch spot in Rome's Jewish Ghetto — but the waiters have apparently been spoiled by visiting Americans who are typically generous tippers. (Or, more likely, Americans who can't read "Gratuity Included" in Italian on the receipt.) So, to be fair, the socially awkward billionaire may have been just a little confused about the tipping convention in Rome. Adding to the (ahem) scandal, he apparently pulled the same move the night before at another historic eatery called Pierluigi and was spotted grabbing a bite at a Roman McDonald's.

The part of the Zuckerberg honeymoon that wasn't cheap, however, was their chartered flight to Italy and their stay at the Salvatore Ferragamo-owned Portrait Suites. Rooms at the five-star hotel adjacent to the Spanish Steps reportedly cost upwards of 800 Euros a night. So, if Zuck really wanted to be cheap he could have stayed in town and taken his wife to Locanda for fried artichokes while bitching about Healthy SF surcharges.

Also while on vacation in Rome, Zuckerberg's sensible footwear finally came in handy. The happy couple were spotted getting a guided tour of the Sistine Chapel while decked out in his uniform of jeans and tennis shoes.

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