If recent incidents are any indicator, the biggest threat to the local marijuana industry is shoddy electrical work in their grow houses. After a 3-alarm fire torched a grow house in Oakland last week and a small fire in Richmond revealed nearly 1,000 plants, the latest report comes from Oakland firefighters who discovered another 200 illegal plants while responding to a one-alarm fire yesterday evening.

The fire broke out in attic of a two-story home at 25th avenue and Foothill Boulevard near Fruitvale in East Oakland. Although some reports said no one was home minding the grow at the time, other witnesses reported seeing several people running from the house after the fire broke out. Oakland firefighters believe the blaze an electrical overload may be to blame for the fire, and authorities have determined the operation was an illegal one.

Meanwhile, the owner of the home told KTVU said she rented the place to the current residents about a year ago, but she was apparently unaware that they had rigged up each of the three bedrooms with grow lights.

KTVU has the video report, which is being kind of dramatic about the fact that their cameras got kicked out of a crime scene.

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