It's that time of year again, when the rest of the country decides it's summer and the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation sets up their outdoor projection screens for the entertainment and delight of picnicking, schnapps-nipping film buffs across town.

Because we can't wait to bundle up with you under a blanket in Dolores Park in the middle of July, here is your 2012 Film Night in the Park Schedule presented with film-appropriate drink pairings, of course:

Saturday, June 16th: Sing-A-Long Mamma Mia! in Dolores Park.
It takes place in Greece and involves a whole lot of ABBA. Since you'll want to get good and drunk before singing along, we recommend drinking straight grappa from the bottle. Remember to share with your blanket neighbors.

Saturday, July 14th: The Artist in Union Square.
You'll want to opt for something classy, jazzy and bright to go along with this Oscar-winning silent gem about Hollywood in the late 20's. We recommend a nice gin martini.

Saturday, August 4th: Sixteen Candles in Dolores Park
Pretend you're still in high school and get Long Duc Dong wasted on some cheap beer. Alternatively: act especially sophomoric and channel you inner Anthony Michael Hall with that classic, inappropriately named shooter: the pantydropper.

Saturday, August 25th: After the Thin Man in Union Square
Take your grandparents to this 1936 murder mystery. Drink whiskey out of grand dad's flask. Go home early.

Saturday, September 15th: The Graduate in Dolores Park
The Mrs. Robinson #1 is a seductive, raspberry-infused bourbon cooler that ought to make for a nice night out in the Indian summer. Drink three of those and head over the hill to Noe Valley in search of your own cougar encounter.

Saturday, September 29th: Midnight in Paris in Washington Square Park
Host an absinthe tasting in the park with half a dozen of your most famous creative friends. If you don't have any friends, pick up some Hemingway at City Lights on your way to the park. Either way, by the time you're drunk, Owen Wilson-as-Woody Allen will be easier to tolerate.

Remember, screenings start shortly after sundown, but arriving early to stake out a spot is always advised. Blankets, pillows, backrests and low chairs are all welcome, but Film Night organizers suggest you leave your pets at home even though you're totally going to bring Fido anyway. More details here at the SF Neighborhood Theater Foundation.