All the of drama surrounding Coit Tower, as well as June election's Prop B, are over after Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor David Chiu announced a $1.7 million fund to repair Coit Tower and, more importantly, renovate the tower's historic murals. "I have directed the Recreation and Park Department and the Arts Commission to work with the Board of Supervisors to find ways to restore historic Coit Tower," said Mayor Lee. "Together, we are building the momentum to further protect a treasured San Francisco landmark."

Board President Chiu, whose district includes the landmark phallic thrust, said that protecting Coit Tower is one of his "top priorities." But from where will these funds come, you ask? Well, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department’s will throw down $250,000 of capital improvement funding, a $1.45 million fund from 2004 Lease Revenue Bonds will be used. According to the newly energized and finally relevant San Francisco Arts Commission "[t]he $1.45 million fund resulted from savings from under-budget projects associated with the bonds." The fund will partially be used by the San Francisco Arts Commission to give the murals the attention they so badly need.

"The San Francisco Arts Commission is thrilled to begin work on the initial phase of conservation of the Coit Tower murals in the next two weeks," San Francisco Arts Commission's Cultural Affairs Director Tom DeCaigny explained to SFist, adding, "The $250,000 contribution from the SF Recreation and Parks Department and the 1% commitment from revenues generated by the concessionaire will enable the Arts Commission to begin work immediately and support the report’s recommendations for regular maintenance, ensuring the murals are preserved for generations to come."

The murals inside the tower’s base, painted in 1934, were done by 27 artists employed by the Public Works of Art Project. These works depict (sad) life in California during the Great Depression.