The latest pageview-friendly Top Whatever List comes to us by way of Bicycling Magazine, who has done us a favor by rating America's Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities for this month's edition. San Francisco managed to break the Top 10 thanks to the settlement of that long-standing ban on new bike lanes, the new bike-friendly Market Street and one eighties movie starring Kevin Bacon as a day trader-turned-bike messenger. We should have known Kevin Bacon would fit in to this somehow.

The #8 spot puts San Francisco behind lesser American metropolises like Minneapolis, Boulder and Madison, Wisconsin. Even the mean streets of New York eked out a #7 spot. Portland, America's rain-drenched bicycling utopia, claimed the #1 spot in the poll.

Anyhow, if you've never had the pleasure of experiencing two-wheeled freedom in any of these other bike-friendly cities, we've done you a favor and compiled these videos of biking in Portland, New York and San Francisco that we feel are 100% accurate:


New York:

And, of course, San Francisco: