OMFG you guys! Justin Bieber just announced his tour dates for this fall AND HE'S COMING TO OAKLAND OMGOMGOMG!

No seriously, though we are not enormous fans of Bieber's music, there's no escaping the fact that this kid is a big star and your nieces and tween children probably would move heaven and Facebook to get within ear-spitting-screaming distance of him. (If you doubt us, note that the video above has racked up 46 million views in the last two weeks alone.) So, you see, this is news.

Bieber will croon, rap, and dance across the Oracle Arena stage on October 6, and you can only buy pre-sale tickets right now if you're a member of his fan club. Otherwise, they go on sale June 2. Also, Carly Rae Jepson of "Call Me Maybe" fame will be opening for Justin during the whole tour.