You know that house at the corner of 15th and Dolores that's been totally gutted and lifted off its foundation like it's going to be moved somewhere? Well, today Curbed (and SFist commenter MrEricSir) bring us some history on the site, where a Lutheran church once stood that survived the 1906 earthquake only to be burned to the ground in 1993 the day after it received an angry letter from the Aryan Brotherhood regarding their liberal stance on gay people.

The church had changed denominations from Lutheran to Southern Baptist by that point, but the connection between the fire and the Aryan Brotherhood was never made. The corner lot has been vacant ever since, and a developer in the last few years was trying to demolish the house next door (also damaged in the fire), which was once the parsonage for the church, in order to build condos on the whole site. The city and the Mission-Dolores Neighborhood Association decided that the parsonage building was of historic value, and thus its framework is being preserved — both the church and house were designed by Swedish architect August Nordin, who also designed the Swedish American Hall. Now, the developer plans to turn the house into three condo units, and a 10-unit building is going up on the church lot next door. They've lifted up the whole building for now in order to excavate underneath for an undergound parking garage. So yeah, that's the deal.