Well, this is enthralling/depressing. A new Tumblr account (noted in today's Morning Links) called Lower Haight Sleeping Bag Lady asks obnoxious Lower Haight residents and its fans to submit photos of a presumably homeless lady noteworthy for carrying around her sleeping bag and sleeping in it. The unidentified woman might be mentally ill (again, presumably), and she looks downtrodden... to say the least. Ha ha? Anyway, it would be nice if the owner(s) of the site had some sort of donation page for their target of amusement/ridicule. Or whatever. Just a thought.

Granted, we've posted countless images of Frank Chu. But that's TOTALLY different. Ahem. The more you know...

Update: The anonymous blogger who created the site has responded to today's criticism thusly:

why does everyone seem to think we hate/”poke fun” at sleeping bag lady? Where is the hate in this blog? Where is the judgement? as anyone who lives in the LH can agree, we see her in the hood all the time. simply documenting a LH staple.

Some people are so angry at this blog/bloggers, and the way they express that is by a RT or a blog comment. Hats off to ya, keep fighting the good fight.

it’s 8 pictures of a homeless woman on the internet that we all see, everyday. take a step back from the keyboard and take a deep breath.

If we may: the "life choices" text affixed to this particular image comes off as a tad judgmental. (And, boy, do we know about being judgmental!)