Now, this is the roommate we always wanted in college. UC Berkeley freshman Derek Low turned his dorm at aesthetically-jarring Unit 2 into something special and magical. Low fashioned his drab room on the fourth floor into a bachelor pad replete with automated curtains, motion detection sensors and voice-activated light control. He calls is BRAD, the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm. "It cost about two to three hundred dollars," Low explained to The Daily Cal. "Each device was in the same range of about 20 to 30 bucks."

Here are the materials he used to complete this seemingly herculean task:

Desk lamps (3x)
Appliance Modules (10x)
Room lamp (1x)
X10 Software
Wired controller
iPhone App
iPad App
Music player/server
Extension cords
Pulley and cord
Curtains motor
Party button
Fog machine
Laser lights
Strobe lights
Disco ball
UV lights

He even has a goddamn laser light show. Check out Low's site for more details about his astounding project.