What looked like a relatively peaceful scene in Oakland in the evening escalated around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night as Oakland Police and Alameda Sheriff's deputies gave a dispersal order to protesters gathered at 14th and Broadway. At least one news outlet is currently reporting tear gas and flash bangs have been deployed, although that is still unconfirmed.

Justin Beck is, once again, on the scene with a live stream (embedded below), and we'll continue updating as we know more.

According to Oakland PD officers on the scene, one protester was arrested for being in violation of a restraining order. When that protester was grabbed from the crowd, fellow protesters responded by throwing bottles and paint balloons at officers. The officers responded by charging at the crowd and issuing a dispersal order.

OPD have Public Information Officers on the ground, clearly marked with armbands making information available for reporters on the scene, which Beck notes is a change from earlier Occupy Oakland activity.

9:15 p.m. A few trash cans were set on fire before authorities moved in to disperse crowds. Although we still don't have any confirmation that flash bangs or tear gas were deployed. Chronicle reporter Vivian Ho and several other sources on the ground are reporting that many of the protesters have been dispersed, at least in some sections of downtown Oakland.

9:45 p.m. Oakland North reports a few remaining protesters pelted police cruisers with paint bombs. Vivian Ho reports one police cruiser was set on fire near 16th and San Pablo (confirmed by East Bay Express):


10:30 p.m. Police put out another dispersal order, according to our friends at the East Bay Express. The dispersal order was followed by what some were calling "a show of force" — essentially all of OPD and the mutual aid agencies from Alameda, Fremont and elsewhere were blaring sirens revving the engines on their police motorcycles with the goal of dispersing remaining protesters that regrouped near Frank Ogawa Plaza. Susie Cagle also reports targeted arrests have begun at 17th and Broadway.

Photo: Vivian Ho