The black Acura Integra caught on tape hitting a couple of cyclists in Berkeley on Wednesday turned up in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland today. OPD spokesperson Johnna Watson confirmed with SFist this afternoon that the vehicle was reported stolen and connected to the Berkeley hit-run incident.

The case has since been handed over to Berkeley Police, said in a press release this afternoon that they are currently investigating a number of active leads. Because the investigation is still ongoing, however, Berkeley PD could not comment further on their potential suspects, or whether the vehicle's owner is considered a suspect in the investigation.

BPD did confirm, however, that their investigation is has reviewed the video, as well as the over 175 YouTube comments that have been posted since we first spotted the video yesterday. They are apparently also aware of some extra tips left in the comments and are following up on those leads as well.

The Acura, meanwhile, was picked up by Oakland PD this morning after a woman found it blocking her driveway on Glendora Avenue, about four miles from the accident on Tunnel Road. The woman initially posted a note to the Glenfriends neighborhood email group, asking neighbors if anyone had misplaced their Acura. Because she included the license plate number, an observant neighbor recognized it and passed along the YouTube video, prompting her to report the suspicious vehicle to Oakland police. Although she was unaware of the connection, she confirmed with SFist this afternoon that the license plates matched the ones spotted in the video. When OPD officers arrived to tow the vehicle, they also realized the connection to Wednesday's hit and run.

Since Berkeley PD is keeping mum on the suspect list for now and we don't have a time on the stolen car report, we can't be sure whether this incident was the work of an anti-bike joyrider or a hit-run-and-ditch driver.