As we told you the other day, and as every other news outlet has hopefully told you, Doyle Drive comes down this weekend starting at 8 p.m. tonight. That means getting to the Golden Gate is going to be a bitch. You'll need to take 19th Avenue and Park Presidio, and it's probably going to suck because everyone who lives up north and must get there will be on that road. (KCBS, showing nostalgia for this piece of road for some reason, took one last drive on Doyle Drive today.)

A temporary version of the new Presidio Parkway will open at 5 a.m. Monday if all goes well, which will include a new ground-level roadway and one of two new tunnels next to the old Presidio cemetery — the second of which, which will become the northbound tunnel, will be constructed over the next three years.

So, if you can help it, take the Bay Bridge and the Richmond Bridge, or just avoid going up there this weekend altogether, or suffer the consequences.