Did you know it's swarming season for bees right now?!?! Those of us who don't live in the country maybe don't have to worry quite so much, but with all the various rooftop hives that hobbyists have installed around town lately, maybe we should! An elementary school in Vacaville was "briefly invaded by tens of thousands of bees" on Tuesday afternoon, prompting a rescue response by professional beekeepers.

Some 80,000 bees had to be removed from a tree outside Foxboro Elementary School in one of an increasing number of reported swarming incidents.

As new queens are hatched in the spring, bee colonies split, you see, and swarms go off in search a new place to make a nest. A bee expert quoted by KTVU assures us these are not killer bees, and even though a swarm might seem scary, they're pretty harmless. "When they swarm, they don't have a hive to defend, so they're less aggressive. They're also engorged with honey, because they bring as much of a food supply with them as they can."

We do not understand this, and it still would freak our shit out. Apparently, the kids at the school all stayed pretty calm, and know stingings were reported.

This news follows on that recent report, however, of the swarm of killer bees who terrorized the Giants during a spring training game in Arizona last month. So, we're glad we don't live in Arizona.