Right up there with your grandmother on Facebook and David Letterman introducing the Naked and Famous we bring you the latest listicle from Travel + Leisure magazine in which the editors attempt to quantify the hipster quotient of American cities. To wit: "They sport vintage bowling shoes and the latest tech gear—but they also know all the best places to eat and drink. Here are America’s cities with the biggest hipster scenes." Guess what, guys! We're number 3, behind Seattle and Portland.

If you're not already asleep you can continue on to the full slideshow in which they called Portland "audaciously quirky." For S.F. they note that we were the epicenter of hippie-dom, and now, "The tech age has certainly morphed the city’s hip denizens, who exist in pockets all over the Bay Area, such as the Mission District and South of Market, known as SOMA."

We should note this is the same magazine that called us the twelfth dirtiest city in the nation, and merely the twelfth best city for singles.

Anyway, we'll apologize on their behalf. But for those who get off on lists and feeling superior, you'll be happy to know that we outrank New Orleans in this mysterious "hipster" rating, and New York doesn't even crack the top ten — they're all the way down at number 12, "perhaps because the city’s hippest are far from the tourist zones, tucked away in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, or out in Brooklyn." So, basically they're saying, hipsters are harder to spot, so when it comes to viewing them like monkeys in a zoo but in their natural habitat, you're better off in San Francisco.

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