Occupy just stopped being polite, and started getting real: Tuesday, May 1st a general strike has been called for the Golden Gate Bridge in an effort to "show the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District that fair wages and benefits can not be ignored." The plan is to shut down the bridge.

Occupy Golden Gate Bridge's Facebook page reports:

This action has been called for by the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition and endorsed by Occupy Oakland, Occupy SF, Jobs with Justice, and the Occupy SF Action Council.

Buses will be leaving at 6am from 19th and Telegraph and Justin Herman/Bradley Manning Plaza. Buses will return in time for the noon Occupy Oakland convergence, as well as for planned labor rallies at Union Square in San Francisco.

SFist asked Mary Currie of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District what they planned on doing in response to the possible shutdown. Currie tell us,"The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District are certainly aware of the Internet chatter regarding the activity you referenced. We obviously (due to our heighten security programs) have various protocols in place if something were to occur, but there is nothing set in stone at this time."

This should be... interesting. For more information go to occupythebridge.com or follow @occupythebridge on Twitter.