The SoMa gay bar formerly known as The Eagle has been stripped of its dark lighting, license plates on the wall, and all of its history. It's also ready for leasing. "The bygone Eagle Tavern in SoMa is still mourned by its legion of regulars, but a recent real estate listing reveals that the bar at 398 12th St. can be yours - for $15K a month," reports The Chronicle. "Will someone bite on the big bar and its 'expansive' patio? And if so, will the famous leather come back?"

And here it is. You like? We're totally disgusted... but we will probably frequent the joint since, after all, it's in the neighborhood, appears clean, and looks spacious. Maybe there will even be a water element. Seasons change, feelings change. Plus, it still has a patio, which remains intact as of now. Grub Street reports:

The photo appears to show some prospective new tenants checking out the space, and rumors have abounded that the Eagle would eventually reopen under new management. It's clear that the bar area won't be the same as before — and the previous owners likely made off with the memorabilia — however it appears the well loved patio is so far unchanged.

If you recall, much brouhaha surrounded the closing of The Eagle, one of SoMa's beloved leather bars for the gays. News of its closure brought out protests and ire from both the community and local supervisors. In the end, though, The Eagle has closed forever.