After scores of entries poured in for our query asking for the worst named restaurant in the Bay Area, we have arrived at a cringe-worthy group for you to pore over. One commenter mentioned King Dong in Berkeley. "King Dong...Mostly because when I tell anyone I'm going, it's sophomore year of high school revisited," they quipped. Peter Hartikka gave us Curry Boyzz, saying, "Punjabi cuisine for circuit partiers, apparently." And RickRescue gave us the brilliantly named (but possibly fake) Nachos de los Muertos, which we not only find brilliant but we plan on using to name our firstborn. You think we're kidding. Anyway, many of you entered the Clam House, Nopa, and Tacolicious -- all of which serve astounding food, but bear curious names.

Also, it goes without saying that, more or less, these are exceptional restaurants that deserve your Open Table reservations and dollars. We do not hate any of them, in fact. So, please, do not select them based off of their food quality; choose them based off of their terrible or pretentious christening. (Your SFist editor, saddled with the first name Brock, grew up a [then] pin-thin, tall, redhead young boy with legs that still go all the way up. Spending many hours in both tap and ballet classes, "Brock" was and is not our ideal name.) If you find it too offensive for your tender tush, you have bigger salt cod to fry than our fun online poll.

Choose wisely. Poll closes at noon on Thursday.