As a brief update to an earlier item, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club's peepshow-on-wheels has reportedly headed back to the desert, where the locals are accustomed to being bombarded with images of nearly naked women.

Although the vehicle was originally towed for having expired tags, Supervisor Mar worked with the SFPD to make sure the vehicle's owners were aware of the city law banning advertising vehicles when it returned to the neighborhood. By threatening the portable pole dance with a $250-500 fine (which doesn't sound that steep for a strip club, when you think about it), Mar and his posse of Richmond Station officers apparently convinced them to pack up and leave town. According to the Hustler Club's manager, the truck has headed back to Las Vegas and will no longer be parking on the streets of San Francisco.

Mar, who emerged victorious without having to do any paperwork, explained "If I had to do legislation, I would have, but working with the police and residents has successfully resolved this issue.”

So the matter of the porny mobile billboard has been solved, but no one has yet to answer the other burning question: Is it legal to have strippers dancing in the back of a moving truck?