The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce — themselves big fans of Mayor Moustache — recently released the results of their annual Citybeat poll. The results, which do not appear to be online anywhere other than the Examiner's site at the moment, show an impressive 68% of San Francisco voters view Mayor Ed Lee favorably after his first year and a half in office.

The caveat here, of course, is that local research group David Binder Research gathered their intel from a tiny sample of 500 respondents. That's about seven times fewer people than could be bothered to weigh in on the unfavorability of two other San Francisco characters who recently made headlines. So maybe the real lesson here is that San Franciscan's love hating stuff on the Internet? (We never claimed to be statisticians.)

Anyhow, other fun things we learned from these 500 respondents: More of them are pleased with the current state of Muni service than with the Board of Supervisors (49% and 45%, respectively). And a large majority (72%) have a high opinion of the San Francisco Police Department.