Over the past few years, Woody Allen had all but abandoned shooting films in New York City. As Gothamist reported back in 2009, Allen explained his decision was due to financial constraints, saying, "I could do another 50 pictures about New York, but I can't afford to do it. New York itself is very inspiring. If I take a walk in the morning on Madison Avenue and I look at people going to work and kids going to school, I'm full of ideas about wanting to do stories about the city." But Allen will return to the Big Apple, with plans to shoot his next film in New York and San Francisco. According to Vulture, Allen told a crowd last night at a screening of To Rome With Love that he's coming back to the States for his next flick, which he'll film in both New York and San Francisco.

The last time Allen appeared in a San Francisco movie was in Play It Again, Sam, which was written by Woody but directed by Herbert Ross.

[via Gothamist]