After roughly 48 hours of polling using a totally legitimate market research service, SFist has determined that a majority of upstanding San Franciscans finds an incredibly irresponsible cyclist to be more deplorable than a violent party girl with expensive shoes. Read on for further analysis.

Things were a little tense for a while there: both detestable parties were grabbing almost exactly half of the city's hatred after the poll went live on Wednesday evening. Things started to shift over time, however, and polls closed this afternoon with 59% of respondents opting to direct their negative energies in the general direction of pedestrian-striking, Internet-oversharing, bicycle speed demon Chris Bucchere.

Although the CPK ("Castro Pedestrian Killer", not "California Pizza Kitchen") garnered more votes, the Louboutin lobotomist probably got the lion's share of angry Internet comments. Between the original post, the polling place and our SFist Facebook page, more individuals felt compelled to publicly condemn the belligerent blonde's actions for the amusement of their Internet friends. While CPK-related discussion obviously got a lot of Internet comments, many of those were bicycle apologists, whereas no one really felt the need to apologize for a dopey broad with a pair of pumps and a couple of goons at her back.

Finally: write-in votes for third party candidates included: The denim American Apparel model, Ross Mirkarimi, and the person who writes "Confessions of an S.F. Parent" — which, come on, that's just not very nice.

Come back next month, when we harness the Internet to see which you guys hate more on a Saturday night: Polk Street or Broadway.