The fine folks over at Curbed bring our attention to this adorable Craigslist ad seeking a driveway (preferably in the city's elite Mission District) to park this equally adorable house from Tumbleweed, the tiny house company. The guy is even willing to pay more for southern exposure and/or beautiful views. Check it:

I'm looking for a place to park a cute tiny house (check it out: [link]) in SF or the east bay, beginning no later than the end of this August. This could be a low-hassle way for you to rent out the back end of a long driveway (no shuffling cars!).

My requirements are minimal. The space needs to be at least 8' wide, 20' long, and 14' high, and accessible from the road. It needs to have access to a power outlet or extension cord, and to a hose bib.

I'm flexible on how to handle those utilities, and how much rent would be (I will pay for beautiful views, southern exposure, etc.). I have great references from local landlords, a steady job, and am quiet but not antisocial (I'm just finishing a decade of grad. school at Berkeley). If you are interested in a work exchange, I'm happy to discuss it (I cook, fix stuff, and play well with computers, old folks, and kids).

If this sounds like a good trade-off for the use of your driveway, or if you have questions about the many details not mentioned here, please email me! Let me know, for starters, what the space is like, and how much rent you think would be fair for it.

As Curbed points out, the house — which, in addition to habitable living, looks ideal for dress up, Barbie playtime, and high tea with a gaggle of your favorite stuffed animals — is a mere 130 square feet. Come on, help this guy out, readers.