The man accused of killing five people in the gruesome Howth Street murders pled not guilty to all charges in court today. Luc, who was arrested two days after the March 23rd incident, "shook his head repeatedly" as a judge took about fifteen minutes to read all of the charges brought against him.

That laundry list of charges includes five counts of murder, special circumstances for multiple murders, committing murder while committing robbery and burglary, using a blunt instrument, and lying in wait. Sharon Woo, chief assistant DA in charge of the case, asked that Luc's bail be set at $25 million, which Luc's attorney did not protest. Luc is scheduled to return to court on May 3rd.

Behind the scenes, Public Defender Jeff Adachi — who has been itching to take Luc's case — was spotted lurking in the back of the courtroom during the hearing. Adachi was barred from representing Luc due to a conflict of interest since his office is already representing Luc's brother Brian Luc who stands accused of cocaine possession. Instead of the Public Defender, the court ordered private attorney Mark Goldrosen to take the case. Goldrosen, meanwhile, apparently needs to get himself up to speed on the details of the alleged murder. As he told the press outside the courtroom today, "I have very little information about the case... I'm hoping by next week I'll have more information about what they're alleging."