We received this handy-dandy map under the heading, "Speak Out, San Francisco!" in our inbox yesterday outlining the Redistricting Task Force's current proposed new boundaries of San Francisco’s 11 supervisorial districts. (View a larger JPEG of the map, or download the PDF here. Aren't we helpful?) The task force has been having ongoing Community Outreach Meetings where the public can present their own redrawn maps for consideration. Draw yours now on RedrawSF! (We tried drawing a big heart and a peace sign, but it just ended up looking like a big blob.)

The task force's press release also explains redistricting to the layperson:

What is Redistricting?

It is the constitutionally mandated redrawing of local, state, and federal political boundaries every 10 years following the U.S. Census. Redistricting is done to equalize the populations in the districts, using various legal criteria. San Francisco’s population added 28,502 residents, a 3.7% increase, from the 2000 Census count of 776,733 people.

We aren't nearly as well read on the matter as SFist's resident political expert, Andrew Dalton, but this simplified map appears to make sense to us. Check out the task force's current and past working drafts here, along with maps presented by the public. What do you guys think?

This Thursday's meeting takes place in City Hall, Room 400, at 6 p.m., and below are the dates for April.

April Meetings, City Hall, Room 406 at 6 p.m.
Wednesday, April 4
Thursday, April 5
Monday, April 9
Wednesday, April 11

Check website or call for meeting location
Saturday, April 14, 10am