For all those of you who aren't entirely disinterested and bored with this story by now (and you know who you are, avid Mirkarimi fans and detractors with your many emphatic comments!), allow us to remind you that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is getting sentenced today. Willie Brown chimes in, trying damn hard to sound objective, regarding the choice Mayor Ed Lee has to make about trying to remove Mirkarimi from office. And now we get word from the mustachio'd Matier & Ross that Lee seems to be leaning toward the ouster, and his talks with City Attorney and former mayoral candidate Dennis Herrera have centered on whether someone convicted of imprisoning his wife should be able to serve as sheriff.

Mirkarimi pleaded guilty last week to false imprisonment, as most of you know, relating to the New Year's Eve fight he had with wife Eliana Lopez in which he allegedly held her captive in their house for the day (she escaped to neighbor Ivory Madison's house to videotape her bruise the following day). And District Attorney George Gascon was expected to give Mirkarimi a hard time today, asking the judge to reconfirm Mirkarimi's plea after he made statements to the press last week suggesting that his plea may not have been sincere, but made for reasons of escalating legal fees. Meanwhile, the Guardian, who remains one of Mirkarimi's few supporters, weighs in on Gascon's actions.

Update: Mirkarimi receives sentence of one-day jail stay and probation.

[Willie Brown/Chron]