Formerly bespectacled Rachel Maddow loves riding Muni, the MSNBC host told Vanity Fair. She's a big fan of taking the J-Church up to "the top corner of Dolores Park" (a.k.a. "the fruit shelf," where the gays converge because it's arguably the nicest area in the park) and admiring the view.

Goodness, the park is certainly big with the well-to-do, isn't it? First Mark Zuckerberg, now Maddow. And with that, we bring you SFist's new Dolores Park celebrity map. It's simple: whenever a big-shot, Hollyweird, gazillionaire type hangs out in Dolores Park, we'll add them to the list. And, yes, we understand that the park has been littered with celebrities throughout the years. However, we're starting from now(ish) and moving forward. Otherwise, we'd have to add a pic of the bassist from Better Than Ezra, with whom you once made out with near the bridge in '93 while rolling on acid.

Anyway, we've got two so far for the 2012 map. Know of any others? Then, please, snap their pic and/or let us know about them and which part of the park they preferred. We will then post your image of the notable, and then allow readers to judge them accordingly by where they sat in the park. Naturally. Thanks.


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[Vanity Fair via Muni Diaries]