Jake, the 11-year-old English bulldog who sat outside Bladerunners Hair Studio for the past decade, has passed on to a better place. Jake's owner guardian, David Wilson, the owner of Bladerunners, says Jake was stubborn, and he didn't move very fast, but Jake was a well known mascot of the neighborhood, and will be missed.

Mike Kepka at the Chron, who enjoys profiling the city's eccentrics and animals, penned this profile of Jake last fall, in which he described Jake as a barely moving "gargoyle-like" figure outside the hair salon who would only occasionally move inside to greet a regular customer. Some called him the 'Mayor of Haight Street,' but we're sure that title has been laid willy-nilly on the heads of a many a well-known drunk and/or burnout over the years.

Alas, those who walk Haight Street on their way to or from home on a regular basis will surely miss the familiar sight of this lazy pooch. RIP, Jakey.