At a time when UC Berkeley students can afford neither tuition nor another beat down from campus police, assistant vice chancellor Diane Leite "gave repeated raises to a subordinate during their 15-month romance" who "remains on the payroll at a salary of $175,000." Charming. The kids at the Daily Cal had this to say:

Leite received a Feb. 17 letter from Vice Chancellor for Research Graham Fleming that stated that beginning March 1 she would see her annual salary reduced from $188,531 to $175,000 and would lose her position as assistant vice chancellor for Research Enterprise Services because she violated the university’s policy on sexual harassment.

After Leite’s relationship with the employee began, he received five salary increases initiated by Leite between 2009-10, according to a December report of investigation and findings written by research services and made public by the news group. His salary increased from $78,779 in 2009 to $104,339.60 in 2010, according to a state employee salary database on The Sacramento Bee’s website.

Never one to shy away from any and all media ink, Sen. Leland Yee simply had to chime in, saying, "It's a slap on the wrist." Yee, went on to add that, since it's a minor punishment for such a seemingly grave offense, "it isn't a deterrent to further sexual harassment."

Meanwhile, and unrelated to Leite's boytoy worries, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau announced on Tuesday that he will step down at the end of the year.