In our little corner of the world over on the northern edge of the Tenderloin District, which, as we all know, is rife with culture and nightlife, we hear shouts of "Call 9-1-1!" on a frequent basis. Our usual routine when this occurs involves bracing ourselves, grabbing our phones, and taking a peek out the window.

Last night, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the shouts were a result of some good, old-fashioned vigilante citizen justice. Four or five men, including a couple members of the fire department, were holding down a lone criminal who had tried to rob someone. As you can see from our somewhat blurry photo of the scene, SFFD waited at the scene until the police arrived and made their arrest. This successful outcome was met with cheers across the entire block.

We're proud to say this isn't the only account of local residents taking a stand along our block. Last year, when someone tried to rob Arianna Cafe at gunpoint, Bill, the owner, fought back and chased the guys out. He admitted it was kind of risky to do such a thing, but he didn't want to give any thugs the impression that ours was a vulnerable block.

So, take that, Criminals! We got each others' back over on Geary Street.