Although Sam Singer and Jon Handlery has promised to padlock the place on Saturday, the Gold Dust Lounge will be open this weekend... and possibly beyond. Which: WOO HOO! Gold Dust Lounge breaks the news: "Attorney Joe Cotchett of Cotchett, Pitre & MCarthy is telling the Bovis Brothers and Gold Dust Lounge employees that they’re doors will not be padlocked this weekend (as threatened by Sam Singer and Jon Handlery) and Sheriff Mikarimi has no court order to evict. Cotchett say’s that as long as the litigation continues, no judge will put the wonderful Bovis brothers on the street and the GOLD DUST LOUNGE Will CONTINUE TO OPERATE AS USUAL."

What does this mean? It means that Gold Dust Lounge has no set closing date until the courts decide on the Bovis Brothers' lawsuit.

In lieu of an eviction day farewell, they're going to have a celebration on Saturday featuring 10 hours of live music through the entire afternoon and evening! Catherine Hill will also join the band for a sing-a-long, featuring Johnny Z and the Camaros, $1 Vitamin V (Vodka) between 2pm and 3 pm, and more. Be there.

Photo: The Inadvertent Gardener