Yep. That video that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's wife Eliana Lopez made with neighbor Ivory Madison, depicting her arm bruises on January 1, will be admissible in court. The appeals decision is a big win for the prosecution, and a blow to Mirkarimi's defense. Both Mirkarimi's attorney and Lopez's have tried to get the video thrown out, most recently on the grounds of attorney-client privilege (arguing that Madison was acting as an attorney, though she is not licensed).

The three-judge panel rejected the appeal by Lopez's attorney without explanation. The video will make it fairly hard for Mirkarimi to continue to deny any sort of assault on Lopez in court, or for Lopez to continue to deny, as she recently has, that she was assaulted. The judges did say that Lopez could ask a state appellate court to review the ruling.

The trial judge had previously decided to allow the video, and also decided to allow testimony from an ex of Mirkarimi's as corroboration of a pattern of violence, so things are still really not looking good for the embattled sheriff.

Jury selection in the case continues, though it's been a little tough. It appears, though, that the trial will remain in the county, despite a motion by the defense to have it moved.