If you haven't heard, Zero Zero is a good place for drinks, and food. Not only are the pizzas solid and the small plates excellent, they make a mean, well balanced cocktail. One brown-liquor concoction on the current menu (all of which is pretty interesting) is called the Park City. It's a rye-based drink that comes out a golden color with the addition of ginger liqueur and a little bitter hit from Cynar (an artichoke-based aperitif from Italy that you should really get to know if you haven't).

It's a simple drink, and perfect for rye lovers who don't like their Manhattans too sweet. But we'd recommend getting the High West Double Rye, as the flavor is kind of key here.

Park City

2 oz High West Double Rye
½ oz Canton Ginger
1 bar spoon Cynar

Stir all ingredients thoroughly with ice, and strain into a coupe or martini glass. Serve with a lemon peel garnish.