A new poll, by an organization we can't endorse called Public Policy Polling, found that in a nationwide survey, California ranks dead last in a popularity contest of all 50 states. We do not understand the point of this poll, but somehow only 27 percent of Americans now have a favorable view of California, while 44 percent hate us. Why? They're probably jealous and think we all either sound like Nancy Pelosi or look like Angelina Jolie, both of which are sometimes true, on a good day.

What is the point of this poll? Oh, we don't know. Except it probably doesn't bode well for Gavin Newsom if he wanted to run for President, and no one is going to feel sad if the federal government kills that high-speed rail funding.

Unshockingly, Republicans really hate California, but they *love* Texas, and Sarah Palin's home state of Alaska which has, like, the population of our apartment building. And everyone loves Hawaii, which gets a 54% approval rating based solely on sunshine, surfers, and pineapple, and based not at all on the insane prices of groceries there, the meth epidemic in greater Honolulu, or Dog the Bounty Hunter's mullet.

Also, only 29% of those polled considered themselves at all liberal, while 44% called themselves somewhat or very conservative.

And can you imagine the fatigue of being asked 50 damn times whether you have a favorable opinion of this or that state?

Whatever. Stupid useless polling. California is awesome and everyone who isn't overly proud to live in some flyover hellscape knows this.

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