From way out in Forest Knolls (which, like Sherwood Forest, is one of those fairytale neighborhoods that sounds like it was named by six-year-olds) we learn of a new candidate running for the Board of Supervisors in November. As you may know, District 7 Supervisor and mic-dropping speaker Sean Elsbernd will be termed out this year, so the folks on the western slopes of Twin Peaks and out at Park Merced will be looking for a new supe to lead them in to 2013. Enter former SF Weekly journalist and civil rights advocate Joel Engardio, the self-proclaimed "common sense candidate."

As his first order of business, Joel is going to make sure everyone in San Francisco has a place to live, especially the city's hard-up owl population. Observe his latest piece of documentary filmmaking titled, "No Trees For Weary Owls In San Francisco?!":

Wonderful. So, what other campaign issues does a common sense candidate concern himself with?

Dogs, naturally. There are more canines than children in San Francisco, but somehow dogs are still segregated in this town (in to "small, fenced-in areas", that is). Won't someone stick up for dog owners? Joel will:

The rest of Engardio's campaign platform is, sadly, a little more vague. As he told neighborhood blog

I’m running for supervisor to bring more common sense and innovation to City Hall. We must champion the entrepreneurial spirit to create jobs and fund the programs we need. Throughout my career, I have fought for the social issues San Francisco cares about like marriage equality, immigration and human rights. As your supervisor, I will fight for the fiscal responsibility and government efficiency San Francisco needs to be a vital and vibrant city that works for everyone. Every effort by City Hall must be held accountable and measured for success. I’m running in District 7, but will work for all San Franciscans. That’s why people are supporting me citywide.

Sounds pretty vague, sure, but we have yet to see another candidate — in District 7 or otherwise — fight so hard to end this oppressive canine apartheid, so for now you're our top dog, Engardio!