When former Castro Supervisor Bevan Dufty announced he'd be working a public transit gig down in the peninsula, we guessed it wouldn't be too long before the unsuccessful candidate for mayor bounced back in to a proper city job. Just five weeks after that announcement, Mayor Lee has stepped up with a new gig for Dufty: overseer of the city's homeless policy efforts and housing issues.

As Lee's spokesperson told the Chronicle this afternoon, "The mayor wanted to elevate the profile and bring someone with a lot of passion and energy... He’s looking forward to making progress moving people from our streets into supportive housing." And, possibly, the Mayor wanted to express his thanks for Dufty's swing vote last year.

But we jest, Dufty's a warm soul (Billie Holiday was his godmother, did you know?) and he will likely do well in a post where he has an opportunity to work directly with the folks on the ground. (No pun intended.)

Dufty takes over the post from Dariush Kayhan, who will now be literally cleaning up the streets as a superintendent with the Department of Public works.