Like we said yesterday, the preliminary hearing of accused serial killer (and winner of the Grim Reaper costume contest) Joseph Naso was bound to reveal some disturbing evidence in the case right out of the gate. We in the press had already heard that police who searched Naso's South Lake Tahoe Reno home in April 2010 discovered a trove of photographs of what appeared to be victims. And during the first day of evidence in Marin County court, investigators discussed the nature of the photos. The women in the photographs appeared dead and were posed naked in "various unnatural positions," that were further described by prosecutors as "uncomfortable and unsustainable." Naso, who is defending himself, cross-examined the Nevada probations officer who described the photographs, trying to refute the impression that the subjects were dead, and calling the photos "art."

When Naso was confronted about the photographs the day they were discovered, he responded that the women were "old girlfriends." In court yesterday he pointed out that the photos had been found on a table in his "art room," and likened them to choreographed stills from horror movies. Furthermore he asked the witness, "Can you appreciate other people have interests and hobbies that you may not be acquainted with? Including artwork and photography they make for their own personal pleasure?"

In addition to the photos, other documents were found in Naso's apartment including a list of ten women, four of whom are believed to be the murder victims Naso is currently being tried for killing. As mentioned before, they were all believed to be prostitutes, and all had the same first and last initial.


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